When it comes to the all time greatest television western, for me there's only one show.


As a kid growing up on the farmstead near Leota, Minnesota, we had two favorite westerns, Bonanza and Gunsmoke. But truth be known, Matt, Kitty, Festus (and before him, Chester), Doc and the folks of Dodge beat out the Cartwrights. They were both great, but hey...Dillon was Dillion!

It's been about six decades since Gunsmoke hit the air, and around four since they left. Matt, Kitty, Doc and many of the cast members have gone to that golden Long Branch Saloon in the sky, but the Associated Press is reporting many surviving cast members and guest's on the series are reuniting. And where else, but Dodge City!

(AP) - Six decades after "Gunsmoke" debuted on television, several actors who appeared in the show, including Burt Reynolds, are scheduled to reunite in Dodge City.

The Wichita Eagle reports the actors will attend Wild West Fest on Sept. 25-27. The event is hosted by the Boot Hill Casino & Resort, the Wild West Heritage Foundation and the Roundup Rodeo.

Besides Reynolds, who portrayed blacksmith Quint Asper from 1962 to 1965, also attending are Bruce Boxleitner, Buck Taylor, Jess Walton, Lane Bradbury and Merry Florene.

"Gunsmoke" ran on CBS from 1955 through 1975 and was nominated for more than a dozen Emmys.

Other key actors from the show have died, including James Arness, who starred as Matt Dillon; Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty; and Milburn Stone, who was Doc Adams.