Alan Jackson’s New Album Is All About ‘Angels and Alcohol’

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson ‘Angels and Alcohol’ Album

For about 25 years now Alan Jackson has been keeping it country.

While the genre’ continues to go through changes (and we can debate whether or not it’s in a good place right now), Alan Jackson just keeps putting out great real country music. And his just released new album is just that.

(AP) – Alan Jackson came up with the phrase “Angels and Alcohol” years before he finally sat down and wrote a song around it. It’s now the title track to his new album.

Jackson is marking 25 years in the music business and he says he feels relaxed rather than pressured. He says he learned early on not to look at sales charts for his music or he’d drive himself crazy whenever anyone passed him.

His advice for young musicians is not to get into being a celebrity because the music will suffer.

So what is the new single ‘Jim And Jack And Hank’ all about? Alan talks about the first single from the album.

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And here it is, the first single from the new album ‘Angels And Alcohol’. Let’s belly up to the bar with ‘Jim And Jack And Hank’.

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