'Islands In The Stream'.

The biggest duet hit in the history of country music. Virtually all of us sang along to this great Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton classic. And what a duet career Kenny and Dolly had! In fact, to the casual classic country fan, that was it, it was Kenny and Dolly.

But of course, that wasn't it. Kenny had a number of duet singing partners throughout his illustrious Hall of Fame career and for many of us, the best may well have been the late, great Dottie West.

It was 1978 and both Kenny and Dottie were musical superstars. For Kenny, following a successful career with Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, he had topped the country chart already with 'Lucille', 'Daytime Friends', 'Sweet Music Man' and others. Dottie had been a major country star since the 1960's and had a signature hit in 1973 with 'Country Sunshine'.

And then these two superstars teamed up and made magic.

It began in 1978 with the chart topping 'Every Time Two Fools Collide'.

It continued with great smash hits like 'Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight', 'All I Ever Need Is You' and 'Til I Can Make It On My Own'. 1981's 'What Are We Doin' In Love' was their last number one duet hit. Both went on with their solo careers, with Kenny Rogers still thrilling audiences world wide and a deserving member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Tragically, we lost Dottie in September of 1991 at the age of 58 while undergoing surgery following an automobile accident. In my opinion, Dottie, who is not in the Hall of Fame, should be. And not only because of her duet success with Kenny. This lady had a hall of fame worthy career on her own.

So just remember when you're enjoying the great Kenny and Dolly duets (and yes, you should enjoy them, they are fantastic), don't forget the beautiful music by Kenny and...Dottie.