They are both legends in their own right. Both are member's of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Say either name and fans of real country music will smile and their eyes will light up.

Conway Twitty.

Loretta Lynn.

And then there was the magic that occurred when they sane together. While the title of 'Greatest Country Music Duet Ever' is arguable (George and Tammy? Porter and Dolly? Kenny and Dolly?), Conway and Loretta are certainly in that discussion!

From there signature hit 'Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man' to great classic's like 'The Letter' and so many more, the phrase 'Conway and Loretta' will live forever in the heart's of country music fans.

The duo didn't just sing beautiful love songs, of course. They didn't just sing cheatin' songs or drinkin' songs or sad songs. No, they were talented enough to include in their historic repertoire a hit with the weirdest, strangest, most unusual title ever (and country music had had some doozies!).

Let's take a trip back to 1978. Conway and Loretta are at the height of their career's. And then a record comes on the radio and you go 'Huh'? And then you listen. And then you laugh. No, not smile. Laugh. Out loud.

It's Conway and Loretta and 'You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly'.