What makes a truly memorable country song?

One that evokes memories, not only for the artist, but more importantly for the listener.

Having been in the radio business for over four decades now, in a variety of musical formats, there have been songs that 'touch' me...and you too, I bet. There will occasionally be a line in a song that, well, speaks to you...directly to you. I remember a song from years ago by Bobby Bare called 'Cowboys and Daddy's'. That song was not one of Bobby's great all-time classics, but that didn't matter...at that time and in that place, it was one of those songs that reached through the speaker and smacked me.

And that is the mark of a great country song.

And so it is, I think, with Craig Campbell's single 'Outskirts Of Heaven'. Oh, it's not that every word, every line has some special personal meaning (although I wouldn't be surprised if it did, in some way). But when you listen to the song....really listen...I'll bet it will speak to you, too. And even if not in your personal life, on some level it will make you think.

I love it when the 'newer' artist's really keep it country, and this one does.

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