For over twenty years Daryle Singletary has done one thing for sure. He's kept it country.

I mean, real country.

I first was musically introduced to Daryle (like millions of others) in 1995 with 'Living Up To Her Low Expectations', 'I Let her Lie' and 'Too Much Fun'. And while music, like a lot of things in life, can swing back and forth like a pendulum, Daryle has made no musical bones about it: It's 100% stone cold country music.

Gene Watson ‘Thrilled’ to See ‘Traditional’ Country Music Becoming Popular Again

And thank you Daryle for that!

And now he's done it again with a great new single 'We're Not Going To Hell (For Having A Hell of a Time).

The Cairo, Georgia native has another great song that, when you hear it, you want to crank it up. And then, like any great country song, by about the third time you hear it, you're singing along (even if you don't know all the words, don't let that stop you!).

So Daryle, bless your heart for 'keeping it country', and you're not alone! Great artist's (and legend's) like Gene Watson, Mark Chesnutt and King George are releasing absolutely great country music, too.

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