(AP) - If Elvis Presley was still alive, he'd be 80 years old today and the city of Tupelo, Mississippi, where he was born, is planning citywide celebrations today.

Dick Guyton of the Elvis Presley Birthplace says Presley's story of being born into poverty and becoming the greatest rock and roll entertainer ever rings to every generation.

Guyton says they will have the original fans in their 70s and 80s come through the home today, as well as teenagers just discovering Presley's music and visitors from other countries, too.

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(AP) - In 1953, Elvis Presley walked into Sun Records in Memphis and recorded the song "My Happiness."  He was only 18.

For $4, Presley was able to take with him an acetate copy of the 78 RPM record, meant as a gift for his mother Gladys. But, as the story goes, Presley stopped at a friend's house to listen to it first and left the record there.

The acetate - Presley's first recording - sat in his friend's safe for decades. On Thursday, it will be auctioned off at Graceland - the late singer's home-turned-museum in Memphis - along with other Presley-related memorabilia on what would have been his 80th birthday. The acetate is in original condition and the record is playable.