What does it feel like when a lifelong dream comes true?

Mo Pitney is a country music singer and songwriter. I mean, he's a real country music singer and songwriter. As an artist who honor's the artist's that came before him, the artist's who helped build country music, who helped shape it, who helped make it, he realized early on that there was one place, one building, one stage, one circle that would be the ultimate dream.

The Grand Ole Opry. The Mother Church of country music.

How many people, how many arist's or people who thought they were an artist, have had that dream? The dream of standing on a circle of wood, spotlight on, all eyes on you. The place where the greatest names country music has known have stood.

The dream. And then it comes true. What was that like?

I've said before that if country music comes back, if the pendulum swings back, then an artist named Mo Pitney will become a superstar. He's not Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson. He's not Alan Jackson or George Strait. He's not Bill Anderson or any of the legendary Hank's. He's Mo Pitney, and by being himself he is an important cog in furthering the legacy of those legend's. Plus he's real good and real country.

Check out Mo on that stage, standing on that circle.