The Man in Black was always welcome in our house when I was growing up on a little farm in southwest Minnesota. And if it was Christmas time, well, it was even better.

All of us, my mom and dad and brother and I, all loved the traditional Christmas songs and we especially loved the songs that told of the real meaning of Christmas. Such warm and wonderful memories of those long ago days and nights singing along with everyone else in our little church celebrating the birth of Jesus.

And then of course we had some albums...and watched every Christmas special on TV! But wait, all those memories are taking me away from my original intwent.

Johnny Cash.

In a time when all the great country music star's would record and release Christmas albums (yeah, that doesn't happen so much anymore) perhaps our favorite was Johnny.

Give a listen to the Hall of Famer sing one of my (and I'll bet your) favorite songs for the season.