There were plenty of Hooterville residents to love on Petticoat Junction.

Kate ran the "Shady Rest" hotel along with her daughters Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo and Betty Jo. There was Sam at the General Store, Floyd & Charley on the Cannonball train. And of course there was Uncle Joe.

The show was part of what is called the "Golden Age Of Rural Comedies". Along with Petticoat Junction there was the Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry RFD, Hee Haw, Green Acres, and perhaps the King of them all, The Beverly Hillbillies.  By 1970 they were largely gone. Comedy had decided to become urban, or rather the Networks decided it for us.

All of those shows featured characters would would become our favorites. On Petticoat Junction for many of us it was lazy 'ol good-hearted Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe was actually actor Edgar Buchannon and had had an incredible acting career. While he is best remembered as Uncle Joe Carson, he appeared in over 100 films and dozens of television shows (remember him as Uncle Billy on a few episodes of Leave It To Beaver?).

But yes, he will forever be Uncle Joe, dozing there in the rocking chair on the porch at the Shady Rest. And why not? Did you know he was the only character to appear in all 222 episodes of Petticoat Junction? And one more thing, our 'ol Uncle Joe also appeared in 17 episodes of Green Acres and 3 episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies. You see, those 3 shows were all related, so actors would "guest" on the other ones.

Edgar Buchannon passed away in 1979 at the age of 76, but bless his heart, Uncle Joe Carson will live forever at the Junction, Petticoat Junction.