If your kitchen is like mine, you have all the spices and sauces ready to use at all times. Whether you're making that special chili or perhaps the sloppy Joe's that only you can mix up, you need the flavoring.

I mean a hamburger alone must be properly seasoned. And there's even some drinks that need a shot of their own.

The absolute must have seasonings for me are Lawry's seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion salt and black pepper. Plus there must be at least 40 other spices in my cupboard.

Then there are the sauces. This is a whole new department to talk about.

One of the most used is Worcestershire sauce. It's a common choice for Bloody Mary drinks, chili preparation and marinating meat.

But now for the proper way to pronounce it. Worcestershire is pronounced wuss-ter-sheer.