I just finished reading the new Willie Nelson autobiography It's A Long Story so I figured I must have just had 'Willie' on the brain. Truth is, I have Willie on the brain a lot since he's one of my all-time favorite sing/songwriter/song stylist's ever.

But there i was, lounging in my easy chair, paging through the latest Sports Illustrated, with the TV on in the background, when I heard it. Out of nowhere.

That's Willie singing. I peeked up at the television, but it was just a commercial. No, wait. A commercial with Willie singing. I looked closer and this is what I saw (and heard).

Now, I'm not here to promote Subaru's, but I gotta say, I did love the Willie song. And I know I had heard it before, somewhere. Hmm...

I went to my trusty CD stack and there among the Merle's, Kris's, Johnny's and a stray Tommy James and the Shondell's was the Willie CD I was looking for.

'Teatro' was a Willie album released in 1998 (with lots of backing vocals by Emmylou Harris). It didn't do all that great commercially, but if you love Willie like I do, you'll love this CD. And there it was. Track 13, a song called 'I've Loved You All Over The World'. That was the song that was featured in the Subaru commercial.

So here it is in full. I can't recommend a Subaru for ya, but I can recommend 'Teatro' if you love Willie!