In 1974 it wasn't country enough.

I suppose in 2015 it would be way to country.

I was a fresh faced kid just getting started in this crazy career of radio and one of the first songs I ever played on-the-air made me go 'WOW!' I wasn't familiar with this guy named Dave Loggins, but I got to know him a whole lot better in a hurry when I heard 'Please Come To Boston'.

I found out he had written a song for one of my favorite bands in high school, Three Dog Night, a great song called 'Pieces Of April'. It wasn't long before I had several Dave Loggins albums, great albums like Apprentice In A Musical Workshop, Country Suite, and One Way Ticket To Paradise.

But back to 'Please Come To Boston'. It was a huge Top 5 pop/rock hit and topped the Adult Contemporary chart as well. A worldwide hit.

But no where to be found on the country music chart.

Of course, it has a beautiful guitar sound, tells a wonderful story and Dave's lilting voice is perfect. Not exactly the formula to climb the country music chart these days.

It has been recorded by country artist's like Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire and Willie Nelson.

Well, give it a listen (or perhaps a re-listen) and tell me, doesn't this have everything a great country song should have?