If you're like me, you love the classic TV show's, great entertainment from Leave It To Beaver to Andy Griffith Show, from Rockford Files to Columbo, from Perry Mason to The Twilight Zone and of course, all those great classic western's.

There were it seemed about a dozen or so actor's that appeared in virtually all of them.  No, not the star's of the series, but supporting actors and actresses. You know, the one's where you go "Oh yeah!  I remember him (or her)!"

They have names you wouldn't recognize, but faces you'll never forget. The guy pictured above is one of them.

His name is Jeremy Slate and you'll recognize him from perhaps Perry Mason or Wagon Train or maybe Run For Your Life.  He appeared nine times on Gunsmoke, and was in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Bewitched, Mission Impossible and well, on and on.

Of course, if you were a Soap Opera fan, you probably recognize him from One Life To Live. He was on there from 1979-1987.

Did you know he wasn't only an actor? He wrote the lyric's to one of Tex Ritter's all-time great country classic's?

Yep. This very same guy, Jeremy Slate, must have had a soft side. He wrote "Just Beyond The Moon," a song we get request's for, especially if someone is celebrating an anniversary!

This multi-talented man passed away in 2006 at the age of 80, leaving us with so many great TV memories and a great country music classic.