One of the great love stories in country music history was also one of the rockiest.

Loretta Lynn and her husband Mooney were married nearly 50 years, right up until Mooney Lynn's passing in August of 1996.

Her story (and their story) is well chronicled, of course, through Loretta's books, interviews and the award winning smash hit movie 'Coal Miner's Daughter'. There's really no need to rehash the details. Let's just say, ah, Mooney perhaps was not the husband that most wives dream about.

Nonetheless, their story is one of the great love stories in country music.  I came upon this great video, with Faith Hill and Hall of Famer Brenda Lee joining Loretta and Mooney.  The comments are great and funny, but play it through and listen to Loretta sing 'Love Is The Foundation' for the one true love of her life, her husband Mooney.