First let me pass along some great news. I mean some really great news!

There is a ton on fantastic new real country music being released. Now, you may think that country has taken a turn for the...well, taken a turn. With phrases like 'Bro-Country', 'Hick-Hop', 'Rap-Country' and others, for many people country music didn't feel country at all. But let me tell you, there is so much great new true country music!

From new music from the likes of the legend's T.G. Sheppard, Gene Watson, Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson to 'newer' artist's like Adam Fears, Mo Pitney, Joe Schmidt and Mary Sarah (and many others), real country music is sounding as good as ever.

And now I just listened to what may be in contention for what I would call the 'Real Honest-To-Goodness Country Album Of The Year'!

She's back (if she ever truly went away). The great Lorrie Morgan has released a new album Letting Go...Slow. I received a copy of what is perhaps the first single, 'How Does It Feel'. It's one of those songs that you may hear while you're working doing something else (which I was) and you stop...listen...and turn it up. Wow! A great song that just flows through your ears, into your mind and settles in your heart.

I received a copy of the album and, once again, was doing other work at my desk while it played and found myself stopping and listening again. And again. And again.

From the opening song 'Strange' right on to the final cut, the aforementioned 'How Does It Feel', there's not a clunker or a 'filler' in this batch of 12 songs. Oh, I have my favorites already.  You may recall Vern Gosdin's 'Is It Raining At Your House'? Well, Lorrie takes that gem, makes it her own and moves you. That is, after all, what a great song and a great performance is supposed to do.

And there's a song called 'Jesus And Hairspray'. Now, let me be honest here: This isn't one I thought an 'ol boy like me would probably go for. Well, don't judge a book by it's cover (or a song by it's title). Another 'Wow Good' song, just crank it up and let 'er go!

Oh, and one more: One of the great (in my opinion) forgotten artist's in country music is Earl Thomas Conley. Lorrie tackles his classic 'What I'd Say' with emotional perfection.

I don't know if this is going to be the best real country music album of the year. It's too early to say. But I bet it'll be in contention.