Her 80th birthday is in Loretta Lynn's rear view mirror. At a time when most artist's would be relaxing somewhere in a big, beautiful house talking about the 'good old days' and basking in the fame of a legendary career, Loretta is releasing new music.

But wait. Not just new music. New fantastic country music!

Loretta's new album Full Circle will be coming out soon, and the first single has been released. 'Everything It Takes' feature's Elvis Costello, but truth be told it is 100% Loretta. And thank goodness for that.

Now before you think this 80+ music legend may have 'lost' some of that magic voice we all have loved for decades, here's even more good news: Loretta sounds as good as ever!

I don't know what us millions of country music fans did to deserve this lady's immense talent that continues to lead the way, but there it is. There truly is only one 'Coal Miner's Daughter' and she still shines brightly on the country music stage.

Give a listen to an incredible song, 'Everything It Takes' and get ready, the new Loretta album is on the way. It can't get here soon enough!