I've always thought Emmylou Harris had one of the most beautiful voices in all of country music (and any music really) and still does.

And being a fan of the songwriters, its hard to beat Rodney Crowell, both his solo work and the great work he did with Rosanne Cash. His songs have been recorded by dozens of artist's. I've always thought a great example of his songwriting skills is the classic 'Til I Gain Control Again', whether it's sung by the great Crystal Gayle or any of the many artist's who have recorded it.

Now according to the Associated Press, these two great talent's have gotten together, again!

(AP) - There are friends you work with - and friends you don't work with. And while Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell have been friends for nearly four decades, they had never worked together. Until recently, anyway.

A few years back, they did an album together - and "Old Yellow Moon" went on to win a Grammy. That led to another project that's out now.

"The Traveling Kind" sees them make their working relationship even closer; they wrote seven of the album's 11 songs together. By contrast, on their first album together, they didn't team up on any of the writing chores. The album featured covers and some songs Crowell wrote himself.