I first heard 'Night Rider's lament' back in the mid 1970's. And yes, I'm that old.

I was working at KWYR radio in Winner, S.D., a young pup back in those days, and had begun discovering songwriter's and songs. About 1975 or so, one of my favorite singer/songwrter's, Jerry Jeff Walker (He's the guy who wrote 'Mr. Bojangles') released an album called 'Ridin' High'. I still consider that one of Jerry Jeff's greatest albums, and one of the reason's was a song called 'Night Rider's Lament'.

Through the years the song has been recorded several times, by people like Suzy Bogguss, Garth Brooks and Chris Ledoux. All great version's and proof that a good song, a really well sritten song, never dies.

Which brings me to one of the finest versions of 'Night Rider's lament' I've ever heard.

It's a great new take on a great old song by Mike Aiken. Now, you may be saying 'Mike who?' Well, let's find out about Mike Aiken. According to CMT's website:

Americana, Country & Roots, with an ocean view Mike Aiken’s vast treasure chest of experiences and mastery of varied stringed instruments have contributed to a catalogue of music that cannot be defined by one genre or style. Originally from Western New York, he honed his skills playing in Blues, Southern Rock, and Country bands. He began his solo career as a songwriter and artist when he sailed out of the cold Great Lakes and eventually to the shores of coastal Virginia, where he resides on his sailboat today. A United States Coast Guard captain, he has sailed tens of thousands of offshore miles along with his wife Amy, making stops along the Canadian Maritimes, US coast, Caribbean and Europe. Aiken’s love for singing, songwriting, and sailing has taken him all over the world. As a songwriter Aiken puts pen to paper and shares his colored and colorful life by drawing tales from "trail riders, aging rodeo champs, sea captains, Rastafarians and outlaws on the lamb".

OK, so now listen to a great song sung by a great artist: Mike Aiken and 'Night Rider's Lament'.