Who was Henson Cargill anyway? Well he had had a smash hit with a song called "Skip A Rope" in 1968.

The song would spend five weeks at number one on the country charts. But there's more to the story on Cargill.

He was born in Oklahoma City. His family was involved in politics and owned a buffalo ranch.

His grandfather, O. A. Cargill, was a mayor of Oklahoma City. Henson began his music career playing in clubs around Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Marrying his high school sweetheart, Marta, he moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, in the early 1960s to study veterinary medicine at Colorado State University. Returning to Oklahoma City, he worked as a court clerk, private investigator, and deputy sheriff.

In the mid 1960s, he moved to Nashville and got a record producer to produce "Skip A Rope". The song became a huge hit not only on the country charts, but also was a top 25 pop hit.

In 1981, Henson came off the road doing shows and built a first class showplace in his hometown called HENSONS. The night club featured top artists performing there.

In the late 1980s, Cargill retired. His life would be cut short in 2007 when he died during surgery at age 66.