Sixteen number one hits. Dozens of top ten hits. More awards than you can count. Make no mistake about it. Its unarguable.

Randy Travis has gone from country newcomer to country star to country superstar to country legend.

On a personal note, I've always felt Randy Travis has one of the purest real country music voices in the history of the genre'. To put it another way, there are very, very few artists ever who can sing a country song better than Randy Travis.

But of course, even the greatest legends started somewhere. So with all the hits and honors Randy has earned, what was that very first number one hit?

Well, apparently there is something to that old saying 'timing is everything', because Randy's first number one hit was originally released in 1985 and, well, pretty much bombed. Flopped. Didn't make it. In fact, it peaked waaay down the chart at number 67. OK, goodbye possible hit song, right?

Wrong. Randy's follow-up, a song called '1982', was released in 1985 and it was a bonafide hit and became his first Top Ten. So, on the strength of that hit (and the belief that the previously song was a hit, doggone it!), they re-released that song that had only gone to number 67 and...guess what?

'On The Other Hand' became Randy's first number one in 1986.

I remember first hearing 'On The Other Hand' and immediately falling in love with, not only the song, but the voice. I remember thinking 'This kid has the talent if radio will just give him a chance.' And they did and the rest, as they say, is country music history.

For some reason that absolutely bewilders me, Randy Travis is not in the country music Hall of Fame. I don't know why. Some people have said maybe its his, ah, 'checkered' past. Really? Look at our hallowed Hall members and lets talk about 'checkered' pasts! Randy deserves to be in that country music shrine, alongside Hank, Johnny, george and the rest.

Randy's last number one hit (that is, until the next one!) was 2002's 'Three Wooden Crosses' and, yes, Randy still proves a great voice with a great song is unbeatable!