We all had favorite TV shows growing up. Depending on your age, it could be anything from 'George Burns and Gracie Allen' to 'The Beverly Hillbillies' to 'Little House On The Prairie' to 'Miami Vice' to 'Seinfeld'.

For those of a certain age (OK, an advanced certain age) it could well have been 'Father Knows Best'.

From 1954 to 1960, millions of Americans followed the adventures (well, adventures might be a little too strong) of the Anderson family is this family friendly comedy.

One of the featured characters with the Anderson son Bud.  The teenage Bud was always getting into scraps (yes, scraps, not trouble but scraps.  That's what TV kids did in the 1950's.)  But of course he had a big heart and besides, Father was there to always help him out.  After all, Father Knows Best!

Well, time does fly.  January 13 is Bud's 77th birthday!  Bud was portrayed by actor Billy Gray, who turns 77 years young.  By the way, you may recall Billy being in 'The Day The Earth Stood Still', an iconic Sci-Fi movie before he became Bud Anderson.

So with Bud being 77, what happened to the rest of the cast?

Robert Young was the 'father' and he passed away in 1998 at 91 years old.  Jane Wyatt was the mother and she lived to the age of 96, passing away in 2006.  The 'kids' are still with us, with older sister Betty (actress Elinor Donahue) soon to be 78 and little sister Kathy (actress Laurin Chapin) 69.

My, how time does fly!  Let's check out the opening for 'Father Knows best' and be sure and notice the sponsor of the show.  You won't see that anymore!