They came out of the Lone Star state, the Gatlin boys.

We (or at least I) were first introduced to Larry in the early 1970's with great country hit's like 'Broken lady', 'Statue's Without Hearts', 'Love Is Just A Game', 'I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love' and others.

Then in 1979 'All The Gold In California' was a huge #1 hit and that's when we (I) first got to know Larry's brothers, Steve and Rudy. And ever since, some of the absolute finest harmonies in country music history have delighted our ears and moved our hearts.

The Gatlin boys. But wait, who's that next to the fella's. Why, that's a lady!

And as it turns out, those beautiful harmonies aren't just a Gatlin male thing. Nope.

That's Gatlin 'sister' LaDonna! And yes, she has that same beautiful Gatlin voice all us lover's of country music have admired for all these decades.

Perhaps not as well known as here trio of brothers, LaDonna is now an inspirational speaker and according to her website, she utilizes her humor and, yes, music to thrill audiences.

Now then, lets give a look and listen to the Gatlin Brothers (and sister!) with the classic 'Broken Lady'.