I was fortunate enough to be in the audience when the great Glen Campbell (along with the South Dakota Orchestra) performed at the Washington Pavilion in 2001.  It was truly one of the best concerts I have ever been at.  Glen (and his daughter Debbie!) was the epitome of the term 'true professionalism.

And playing the guitar??  For those that may not know, for years Glen was one of the most successful session guitarist's in the world.  I mean, he played on virtually everything, and this was before he became one of the world's biggest star's in his own right.  In a word, his guitar playing was, well, 'WOW'!

As you know, Glen is now in the final stages of his battle against the hideous disease, Alzheimers.  While we continue to pray for Glen and his family as they continue on their difficult journey known as 'the long goodbye', let's head back to the Washington Pavilion and once again enjoy the concert that Glen did for South Dakota Public Television.