There are literally hundreds of country songs released each year. Some, in my humble opinion, go way beyond stretching the term 'country music', but I get it: They sell millions of records, so I guess they can call it what they want. And then there's those real country songs that come along, and yes, despite what you might think, there is some great new real country artist's out there! People like Ward Davis, Stephanie Quayle, Mary Sarah, Teea Goans, Easton Corbin and others. Plus, you can always depend on the 'veterans' like George Strait, Alan Jackson, T.G. Sheppard, Lorrie Morgan and Gene Watson.

Now let me introduce you to Shane Owens.

It was several month's ago when a song called 'Where I'm Comin' From' crossed my desk. The artist was this guy named Shane Owens. 'Never heard of him', I thought to myself. But after about 30 seconds of the song, I kept it goin' and discovered a real (and real good!) country song.

Now, Shane has topped that song with his latest single 'Country Never Goes Out Of Style'. The song does not just reference traditional country music, but what it means to be 'country' on just about all levels. And for those of us who grew up 'country' and didn't even realize it, well it brings back memories that have been laying back dormant in the dusty corner of our memories for much too long. So thanks Shane for waking up those warm memories!

To learn more about this great new country artist just stop by his website here. And along with me, be listening for any new music from this Alabama native.

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