In 1975, Willie Nelson put his recording of a 30-year old song on the charts in a big way. The song "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" was the song that jump started his career as a singer.

Before then he was primarily a song writer for other artists. Willie moved to Nashville in 1960 and became a very popular writer with the country stars.

But it would be fifteen years before he would connect with the public as recording artist. And even more interesting, it was with a song that someone else wrote.

It was written by Fred Rose and originally recorded by Roy Acuff. Willie released his version in May of 1975 and surprised everybody, mainly Columbia Records, with the instant success with the old song.

The song went all the way to the top. It was Willie's first number one as a recording artist and at year's end was the third-biggest song of 1975 for country music.

It was included on the album Red Headed Stranger which sold 2.5 million copies. Willie even turned it into a movie co-starring Morgan Fairchild and Katharine Ross.

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