One of the all time top love songs in country music is "Look At Us" by Vince Gill. It is a much requested song for anniversaries.

The song is a story about a couple who have been in love and married for many years. Anyone listening to it can associate a real life couple with the song, such as parents or grandparents.

Gill co-wrote the song for his wife Janis to celebrate their marriage.Ironically, the song’s appeal is so timeless that it outlasted the marriage it was written to commemorate, which ended in June of 1998.

The single was released in September of 1991. The other writer on the song was Max D. Barnes.

"Look at Us" features a pedal steel guitar intro from John Hughey, who was known for his "crying steel" method of playing by using the higher ranges of the instrument. Gill said, "It makes that song recognizable by what happens before any words even get sung."

Singing harmony with Vince in the song is Patty Loveless. "Look At Us" was the Song Of The Year at the 1992 Country Music Association Awards.