The year is 1975, and Country Music is filled with great artists who are now legends - artists like Conway, Merle, Buck, Charley, Dolly, Loretta, Tammy and so many more.

And that's when a song came along that, well, as we used to say, 'Blew me away'!

The 1950's and 1960's were filled with what we used to call 'recitation hits'...those songs that were spoken as well as sung.  By 1975, they had largely gone away, until 'Devil In The Bottle'.

It was done by an artist I wasn't familiar with, but an artist who would go on to a great career with over 10 #1 hit's and many more Top Twenty hits.  His name?

T.G. Sheppard.

T.G. doesn't get played a lot anymore, except at places like RadioTune AM 1000 and  He's considered either too old or too country.  Well, the two things I believe in are: 1) You can't be too country! and 2) Great music doesn't have an expiration date!

So let's head back to one of the great 'forgotten' classics, 'Devil In The Bottle'.