How many country music artists has Ernest Tubb influenced?  There's no definitive number of course, but it's safe to say hundreds or thousands.

It's also safe to say that Ernest Tubb helped in a major way to shape country music.  He is a pioneer in the genre' that we've grown to love.  Country music would not be what it became without the Texas Troubadour.

If you love Waylon, Willie, Jones and Cash, Lynn and Parton, well give a nod of 'Thanks' to Ernest Tubb.  Songs that Ernest had hits with five or six decades ago are still being recorded and released by some of the biggest names in country music.

Ernest Tubb first began recording in the1930's.  Yes, the 1930's!  And was last in the Top Ten nationally in 1983 with 'Leave Them Boys Alone' (with Hank Williams, Jr. and Waylon Jennings).  For those of you counting, that's six decades of phenomenal country music!

Ernest had so many hits that have become classics.  'Waltz Across Texas'.  'Thanks A Lot'.  'Slippin' Around'.  And dozens more.  Plus, a country music standard.

It was 1941.  That's right, 1941.  That's when your parents (or maybe Grandparents.  Or maybe Great Grandparents!) first heard and fell in love with 'Walkin' The Floor Over You'.  It was the introduction for millions of people to this guy named Ernest Tubb and his band (which has also become legendary) the Texas Troubadours.

That song became a hit, then a classic and then the ultimate in any form or genre' of music.  It became a standard.

How many 'local' country bands around the nation have sung 'Walkin' The Floor Over You'?  Countless.  And they still do, along with the great and famous names in country.  Approaching 70 years later, 'Walkin' The Floor Over You' continues to amaze.

So then, let's go back to the original.  The one and only.  It's Ernest Tubb with 'Walkin' The Floor Over You'.