One of my all time favorites and an artist that I grew up with, is Jerry Lee Lewis. By the time I was introduced to his music, he had already made the transition to country from rock and roll.

He is known by the nickname 'The Killer' and is often viewed as rock & roll's first great wild man. An early pioneer of rock and roll music, in 1956 Lewis made his first recordings at Sun Records.

In 1968 Lewis made a transition into country music and had hits with songs such as 'Another Place, Another Time'. This reignited his career and throughout the late 1960s and 1970s he regularly topped the country-western charts.

His Number 1 country hits included 'To Make Love Sweeter For You', 'There Must Be More to Love Than This' and 'Would You Take Another Chance on Me'.

Let's enjoy this video of the one that started it all for him in country music: