I saw where actor Buck Taylor turned 77 years young on May 13th. Happy Birthday Newly!

Buck portrayed Newly O'Brien for 174 episodes on what I think is the greatest television western of all time 'Gunsmoke'. Now, while Newly may not have been as famous in Dodge and to viewers as Matt, Kitty, Festus and Doc, from 1967-1975 he was an integral part of the town and the show.

And did you know Buck's Dad is also someone you've seen for years in the movies and on television?

Yep, Buck's dear old Dad is this familiar guy pictured below.

via Mark Stokes YouTube

Dub Taylor played parts in hundreds of movies and television shows, usually westerns or comedies,  from the 1940's to the 1990's.  As a character actor and not leading man, he was always 'Oh, that guy!'

Dub passed away in 1994. And Buck certainly carried on the family acting legacy.

Check out the 'Gunsmoke' episode below, 'The Hanging Of Newly O'Brien'. And don't worry, Newly survives!