It's August, 1977 and I'm this young fella working at a radio station that played, well, almost everything! I'd spin (yes, records...remember those??) a George Jones, then maybe Elton John, followed by Loretta Lynn and the Carpenters. A little Sonny James and then some Seals and Crofts. We were out to please everybody and maybe ended up pleasing nobody! It was a...well, quite a mixture.

Then a song came along by a guy named Dave Mason. It was called 'We Just Disagree' and it was a great pop song, a song that most anyone could at least 'like' and it became a pop music hit.

And that was that.

I moved on to other radio stations, other music formats and 'We Just Disagree' kind of faded into recent history.

Now it's November 1993, some 16 years later, and I hear a song that sure sounds familiar. But it's country. What the heck is that song??

It's 'We Just Disagree' and it's a big country hit by Billy Dean! It was the 4th single from Billy's huge 'Fire In The Dark' album and I suppose it proves at least one thing.

You can't keep a great song down, no matter what musical format you might be listening to.