August has always been my favorite month of the year. So naturally I assumed since I loved August, well, you must love it, too.

There's so many things to love about August. First of all (and most importantly) it's my birthday month. As a kid those, ahem, few years ago, it was great because there were no other holiday's the whole month! I always felt kind of bad for the kids who had a birthday around Christmas when, hey, you'd be getting presents anyway! However, in the interest of total honesty, the 'ol birthday thing doesn't matter quite so much anymore. You get to a 'certain' age and you pretty much hope the birthday deal just kind of slips by. Once the local fire department sends you a message to please, please, please don't light those birthday candles again this year, well, that kind of takes the magic out of the day.

But, there's so much more to love about August:

1) You don't have to watch for ice on bridges or overpasses!

2) You can forget about biting your fingernails and wondering if maybe...maybe...the Twins will make the postseason this year.

3) You can still convincingly lie to yourself that, yes, this is the year the Vikings finally not only make it to the Super Bowl but win it (that'll be dashed by week 6).

4) You'll discover a new 'deep-fat-fried-something' at the Fair...any fair.

5) The rugrats finally go back to school.

and 6) The last month you have to sit in front of the air-conditioner to cool down...because you just got the air-conditioning bill.

Well, as it turns out, you apparently don't love August as much as I do.

The "Washington Post" just dug up the results of a survey that had Americans rank all 12 months by how much we like them.  And August did terribly . . . it finished in ninth place.

May came in first place, and February came in last.

Here are all 12 months in order:  May . . . October . . . June . . . December . . . July . . . April . . . September . . . November . . . August . . . March . . . January . . . and February.

The survey also found that Friday is our favorite day of the week.  The seven days in order of how much we like them are:  Friday . . . Saturday . . . Sunday . . . Monday . . . Wednesday . . . Thursday . . . and Tuesday.

(Washington Post)