In the mid 1970's everyone was talking about some blind guy sitting in the bleachers during a football game.


Well you see, a guy by the name of David Geddes had a huge pop hit with 'Blind Man In The Bleachers.'  But that wasn't all. Oh no. Us country music fans weren't going to be left out!

In 1975 an artist named Kenny Starr released his version of the song and it went up, up, up the country music chart, finally settling at #2.

But hold on, before we go any further - Kenny who??

Kenny Starr.

While 'Blind Man In The Bleachers' would be his only Top 20 hit, this guy wasn't just a 'flash in the pan.' Kenny spent much of the 1970's as one of Loretta Lynn's touring band, the 'Coal Miners.' Not bad company, huh?

So then, let's head to the football field and re-live and re-listen to the story of that 'Blind Man In The Bleachers'.

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