My Dad and Mom were members of the World War II generation, the generation that Tom Brokaw famously labeled 'The Greatest Generation'.

Well, I knew they had it tough, growing up during the Great Depression, living on farm's in southwest Minnesota without any of the modern conveniences that we have today.

But I didn't realize they grew up without what may be the most special treat I had as a kid.

My Mom and Dad (and maybe yours) grew up without....


Yes, 'tis sad but true.

Turns out, M&M's weren't patented and introduced to the United States until 1941.  I don't know, I guess I just thought, well, there were always M&M's!

I know I loved them as a kid (OK, OK, I still do)...I'm sure they were good for your health and certainly for your teeth!

Why did I (and you!) love M&M's? Because we saw commercials like this one.  Just check out the fancy animation.  Oh and one final thing, they always melted in your mouth and not in your hands....right?